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I’m writing this from a bar

I love cooking, but I hate cooking for one. Not sure why, but I guess all that extra effort expended is really for the other person.

I was left to my own devices tonight, so rather than spending money on expensive take-out or delivery, I went to happy hour at my local sushi place where they do awesome no-rice rolls. Pretty genius.

Despite having a 1900 calorie day yesterday, I woke up to over a 1.5 lbs loss, so I guess I’m doing ok. But I can’t get too cocky. Which I guess I am, having a calorie and carb laden beer at a bar.

I did 20 mins of cardio today plus arms, the first time i’ve done weights in a while. I’m also on my way to a farmers market – just under 3 miles round trip of walking so I guess beer won’t kill me.


Good Start

I had a good couple of days on the scale front. I weighed in (after breakfast) at 228 today, was 227.4 yesterday.

I was, however, kind of bad yesterday, although the calories didn’t end up being that bad. I had an interview that I thought went well, and with my SO out for the evening, I went to happy hour for dinner. I know I overdid it on the alcohol front which I really shouldn’t have – probably contributes to being up a lb.

My day looked like this:

Tues 6/19

1 Sonoma Low Carb Tortilla (60 cal)
1 T mayo (110)
1 tsp mustard (5)
3 thin slices ham (50)
6 slices turkey (90)
American cheese (60)

2c Spinach (14)
Chicken wings – 5 oz meat (200)
Goat Cheese 2oz (140)
Almonds (80)
Beets (37)
Bacon (80)
Homemade Ranch (52)
Orange segments (35)
2x Sauv blanc (240)
2x Pabst 16 oz (400)
1oz Fireball whiskey (60)
1 oz Flavored Vodka (60)

2T Edamame Hummus (90)
Raw veggies (35)

All of that comes in at around 1850 cals, which is basically maintenance for me – so not a setback but certainly not helping. It is really crazy to see all of it written down – it doesn’t seem like a lot when you’re eating and drinking, but with it all laid out it certainly looks like a lot.

I plan on cutting out my at-home drinking to almost non-existent and see how much that helps speed up the process.

Today I have had:
1/2 Red Grapefruit (11g net carbs, 50 cal)
1 cup black tea w/ Splenda (5)
1 String cheese (65)

1 Sonoma low carb tortilla (60)
3 slices turkey (45)
1/2 avocado (110)
2 Tomato Slices (10)
1 tsp Kewpie mayo (33)
6 oz Diet Dr Pepper

That’s under 400 calories for the day so far, and I’m feeling OK. I think dinner will be steak and roasted eggplant, or chicken breasts w/ eggplant or salad.