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I enjoy reading people’s weight loss blogs on domains and tumblrs and such. It’s good inspiration and also good to feel like you have a support system in the form of other people trying to achieve the same thing as you.

What I hate, which seems to be reaaaaaaaaaaallly popular on tumblr, are those stupid, badly done, graphic designy, arty weight loss platitude posters or graphics people constantly reblog. Not only are they usually an amateur attempt at design, which I can’t stand (bad kerning / typography, sloppy design and graphics), but the platitudes themselves are just so sickly sweet, annoying, preachy, over-wrought, terribly written, and generalizing.

I don’t think I can accurately put in to words just how much I hate platitudes when it comes to weight loss, being fat and losing weight. Just the statement “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels” makes my skin crawl. Oh really, that’s supposed to motivate me? To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember what being thin feels like, and there’s a shit-ton of food that tastes amazing. It just sounds like something snobby anorexic girls say to justify their eating disorders.

Then, there are images like this one I saw reblogged on Tumblr about a bazillion times last week:

Aside from the glaring grammar and punctuation errors (missing commas, and the authors’ clear confusion as to the difference between the words than and then), this is the preachiest crap I’ve ever seen! I’m all for the more upbeat messages (You’re worth it! You can do it!), but this is so negative and yell-y. Who is the audience supposed to be? It reads like a speech at the end of a sports movie, but without any of the back story or any provocation. I read things like this, and I immediately get defensive, for no reason! I am guessing that is the opposite of the desired effect.

I wish I could read and follow people’s weight loss blogs without seeing this kind of re-blogged stuff. It’s a real turn-off for me and just makes me feel defiant. I’m sure others can find some use out of them, or else they wouldn’t be re-posting them – unless it’s just a peer-pressure kind of thing, since they seem to be so popular. Sigh.

This weekend was pretty bad. Shame and anxiety ruled, so I didn’t do much but stay inside and eat crap. Not a ton of crap, or calories for that matter, but what I did eat was crap. I am up to 229.4 again. I am bloated, thanks to my monthly gift, so maybe the damage wasn’t all that bad.


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I’m writing this from a bar

I love cooking, but I hate cooking for one. Not sure why, but I guess all that extra effort expended is really for the other person.

I was left to my own devices tonight, so rather than spending money on expensive take-out or delivery, I went to happy hour at my local sushi place where they do awesome no-rice rolls. Pretty genius.

Despite having a 1900 calorie day yesterday, I woke up to over a 1.5 lbs loss, so I guess I’m doing ok. But I can’t get too cocky. Which I guess I am, having a calorie and carb laden beer at a bar.

I did 20 mins of cardio today plus arms, the first time i’ve done weights in a while. I’m also on my way to a farmers market – just under 3 miles round trip of walking so I guess beer won’t kill me.