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The First Post

230 lbs – 6/13/2012

This is me today, at 230 lbs. Not my highest weight ever, but I’ve certainly hit a plateau. My regular diet and routine is no longer cutting it and I’m just maintaining, so I need to do something a bit more drastic. I’ve actually never taken a picture of my body like this, but I think it’s important because I have a tendency to picture myself as a thin person. The reality is that I’m not, and I need to remind myself of this so I don’t become even more complacent.

My hope is that with this blog I can keep myself accountable and keep track of my weight loss, as well as give myself a place to write about the struggles. A food journal, a personal journal, food addict confessions.

In honor of the first day, I’ll record my measurements as well!

C: 45
W: 38
H: 52
T: 29
B: 14