Seeing some positive results, although I’m not sure if I’m just seeing the effects of not being bloated anymore or if I’m actually dehydrated. In either case, I’m less than 2 lbs closer to my non-binge-eating resting weight (225). 

I haven’t been able to work out because I dropped a plank on my foot, which then swelled and bruised and hurts to put in a covered shoe like a high top or workout shoe. I just have to make up with it with being fully on the diet. I bought a bunch of veggies and edamame hummus to snack on instead of nuts and cheese which really doesn’t do a good job of filling me up. 

I had a big salad last night with figs, goat cheese, onions and sausage. It probably was higher carb than I should have for any one meal but at least I didn’t eat that much the rest of the day. The scale (hopefully) isn’t lying and the fact I’m 2 lbs down from yesterday seems to be a good sign. 


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