Getting Back Into It

I always mean well with my dieting, logging, everything. But life seems to get in the way. How are you supposed to calorie-count what you eat when you go out to a restaurant? Or hang out with friends?

I’ve been doing better with the no-drinking-at-home thing, at least. I did have 3 instances this weekend where I drank beer, when I really should’ve chosen wine or a well drink with soda. My system is all messed up and my diet is out of whack. I’ve been waking up with hunger pangs which means that my blood sugar isn’t back to where it needs to be and I’m not as low carb as I should be.

Can I just rant about the state of drink options in our nation? You can buy all manner of diet and low-carb drinks and sodas at the store, but when it comes to restaurants and bars, your only choices for low calorie are Diet Coke, Club Soda or Water. And maybe the occasional Sugar Free Red Bull (at bars). Aside from those huge eyesore Coke machines that make a bazillion combinations of drinks, there is no availability for Coke Zero, Diet 7Up or Sprite, Diet Tonic Water anywhere in public… I don’t get it!

Thanks to bread eating and beer drinking this weekend, I’m back up a few LBs I think. I ballooned way up after a BLT and a pizza binge sesh. SO and I have agreed not to order pizza anymore… or at least not get all the fixins’ that go with it, like bread sticks, chicken poppers, yadda yadda. I think I’d rather just not be tempted. Or at least order something in that’s not 100% bread, like healthier Chinese food.

Right now I am avoiding going to the gym. It’s a million degrees out and I don’t feel well to begin with. I have a lot of excuses, but at least I can placate myself by being 100% on my diet today since that’s the most important part.


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